Cringe dating disasters

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Sitting there on my own that night was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The wife was with them in spirit, he told her, and was rating her.Another man’s idea of romantic dinner conversation centered on his “most recent bowel movement”.Lesson: always wash your hands after working with chillis.The date with the ball punch It can be sexy to be a bit rough and tumble in the bedroom but one lady’s first date ended on a sore note for her potential bloke.All went well after a trip out bowling and the loved up couple returned home.In his element after winning at bowling, this cocky lad leapt triumphantly onto the sofa, not realising he was crushing his date’s cat at the same time.Having to get your date to phone her dad to pick you up is a killer.

I didn’t go after her, because I hadn’t done anything to cause offence. One subject recalls: “He brought his mother as a chaperone.

They were enjoying a cheeky snog at the end of the evening when a lurch from her stomach saw her share a little more than saliva.

The date with the shared puke One date failed to mention to her beau for the evening that she had eaten an egg sandwich that had tasted funny.

Yeah, you can’t really come back from that can you?

This month we’re talking about your bad dates, and it seems everyone has a horror dating story.

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