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It is easy to use and enables you to backup, transfer and restore the i Tunes library to a new PC or Mac. To install the program just follow the on screen instructions. You’ll now find three buttons/options: 1 Transfer 2 Backup and 3 Restore i Tunes 1) To move your i Tunes library to a new computer hit the “Transfer” button.2) Now you can decide whether you want to copy i Tunes to a PC or a Mac.I have my vault on an external hard drive and have been downloading images to my external and refrencing them.I have a new external and would like to move my Aperture Library to the new drive, move the refrenced images from the smaller external into the Library on the newer hard drive. If you made sure that everything is stored in the i Tunes folder and i Tunes keeps your media folder organized automatically, you can try to transfer i Tunes manually.1) Go to “My Documents” “My Music” and copy the entire “i Tunes” folder to an external drive.You can try to correct this and change the “i Tunes media folder location”.

4) A window will appear asking you to choose an i Tunes library. 5) Go to the i Tunes folder and select the file “i Tunes Library.itl” and confirm with “Open”.

Before you start I would suggest you set your new media folder to Z:\i Tunes\i Tunes Media, and move your library files into Z:\i Tunes to make backup and any future migration easier.

My hard drive is full and I have placing my images in the Aperture Library.

3) When you made your choice you’ll find a window to select the external hard drive or flash drive where you want to temporarily store the i Tunes library.

Give a name to the i Tunes transfer archive and confirm. 5) After the successful transfer of the i Tunes library to the external hard drive, eject the drive and connect it to the new PC.

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