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6) Now you should find your “old” i Tunes library on your new PC. Note : This way you will lose the i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch backups that have been made by i Tunes.

If you don’t copy the i Tunes folder back to the exact same location, i Tunes won’t be able to find the media files.

Normally this file ends with “*.tsw” and hit the “Start Restore” button.

8) After the successful restore of your i Tunes library, Tune Swift will notify you. You’ll find your complete i Tunes library on your new computer.

I have my vault on an external hard drive and have been downloading images to my external and refrencing them.

I have a new external and would like to move my Aperture Library to the new drive, move the refrenced images from the smaller external into the Library on the newer hard drive.

Before you start I would suggest you set your new media folder to Z:\i Tunes\i Tunes Media, and move your library files into Z:\i Tunes to make backup and any future migration easier.

My hard drive is full and I have placing my images in the Aperture Library.

1) Go to “My Documents” “My Music” and copy the entire “i Tunes” folder to an external drive.You can try to correct this and change the “i Tunes media folder location”.You’ll find the possibility to change the location in i Tunes –“Edit“– “Preferences” – “Advanced”.2) Connect the external drive to the new PC and copy the i Tunes folder to the exact same location it was on the old PC.Note: If there’s already an i Tunes folder in this location, make sure it’s empty and replace it.

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