Colorado shooter online dating

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Three of the four wounded deputies had been released from the hospital and a fourth was stable and expected to make a full recovery, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said.

James Holmes' bizarre court appearance has everyone wondering -- is the Colorado movie shooter setting up an insanity defense?

and joined us to explain why some people are still defending the disgraced coach.

Also, Mariah Carey is your next "American Idol" judge, and we'll tell you why this could be an awesome train wreck to observe. () We found evidence that Holmes believed he would survive the movie shooting -- on his online dating profiles.

() We finally got our first look at "The Dark Knight Rises" killer James Holmes -- and his demeanor in court was nothing short of bizarre. () Unbelievable -- a woman on was told Holmes would be her perfect match ... () The question that's always raised during these tragedies -- is reporting the story just what the killer wants?

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Former PSU football star Matt Hahn played for Joe Paterno ...Harpham's Thursday blog post is entitled "Is my Dad in a Cult, and even worse is it Satanic?" In his 2013 profile on the dating site, Harpham also discusses his libertarian views.Knowing and loving Mom, Dad, Nathan, Dave, Rachel and the rest of my family; the incessant and endless task of ego destruction and working to seek, understand, submit to, and apply God's will in my life; playing, writing, and recording music; reading heartbreaking works of staggering genius; reading about free-market theory, the Austrian school of economics, and libertarian philosophy; Alcoholics Anonymous; basketball: playing the game, watching the Portland Trailblazers, and playing fantasy sports; character-building; seeking Truth at every turn; playing golf, especially when my dad pays for it; board games with my family, it's cut-throat.There will be some hypothesizing about how this alleged shooter "broke with reality" or some such nonsense.

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