Christina hendricks dating history

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Joan had a lengthy romantic involvement with Roger Sterling, which ended after Roger's heart attack.

After Marilyn Monroe's death, Roger walks into his office to find Joan lying on his couch and crying.

Her primary responsibilities are to manage the secretarial, steno, and telephone operators pools; attend to the needs of the executives; and organize agency events.

She is also seen during meetings with the heads of departments, implementing Roberts Rules of Order, taking notes, and reminding the male staff of their duties to their clients, and assisting the CFO, Lane Pryce, with SC financial duties.

A notable feature of Joan's new office is an intercom to the conference room that she can use to monitor meetings within, a feature conveniently forgotten by everyone except her and Peggy.

Her feelings are exacerbated when she is briefly given additional responsibilities at Sterling Cooper reading television scripts to determine ad placement, which thrills her.Joan mentions to Pete that Greg is considering going into psychiatry, in hopes of salvaging his career.Joan helps Greg prepare for an interview to be psychiatrist, but he fails to get the job.When the new company sets up shop at The Pierre hotel, Joan takes the position of office manager.Joan is recognized by most (though not all) of the staff as being integral in SCDP's daily operations.

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