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Divorce laws vary considerably around the world, but in most countries divorce requires the sanction of a court or other authority in a legal process, which may involve issues of alimony (spousal support), child custody, child visitation / access, parenting time, child support, distribution of property, and division of debt.In most countries, monogamy is required by law, so divorce allows each former partner to marry another person; where polygyny is legal but polyandry is not, divorce allows the woman to marry another person.In some countries, particularly (but not only) in some former communist countries, divorce can be obtained only on one single general ground of "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage" (or a similar formulation).Yet, what constitutes such a "breakdown" of the marriage is interpreted very differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, ranging from very liberal interpretations (e.g.Christians and divorce in a perfect world wouldn’t belong in the same sentence let alone in a lawyer’s office going through one themselves.Unfortunately, we aren’t in a perfect world; we are in a world full of sin and broken relationships and that sin affects our marriages-sometimes beyond repair.

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In some jurisdictions one spouse may be forced to pay the attorney's fees of another spouse.

separately) is sufficient to constitute de facto separation; this is explicitly stated, e.g., in the family laws of Latvia.

Divorce laws are not static; they often change reflecting evolving social norms of societies.

If you are considering a divorce, you are in a difficult place.

The church discourages divorce for almost every reason.

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