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A lot of functions and features are contained in this app. Now he will have to submit a number of documents to go through approval of the House and Senate, to then make a provisional license and start the implementation project of community radio.

Most Search Queries : This shows how your site was found on search engines, which words were used to find your website.He estimates it will have to make an initial investment of around R $ 10,000 to purchase equipment needed to activate the radio, and advanced computers, control desk, office and hire at least two employees.To raise this amount, you want to have the support of employees, but is ready to bear much of the amount.The daily schedule of a community radio should contain information, leisure, cultural, artistic, folkloric and everything that can contribute to the development of the community, without discrimination of race, religion, sex, political party beliefs and social conditions.Must comply with the ethical and social values ​​of the person and the family and give opportunity for expression of different opinions on the same subject. Though developed recently, this app has a large number of users.

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