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I walked back outside and sat down when I heard a lawn mower start up and I glanced over toward Vickie's house and I seen her out there in a one piece swim suit mowing her yard.I watched for a little while and noticed that every time she turned and headed my way that I could clearly see some clevage.Around four days later I seen her pull up into her drive way and she got out and went into the house.Around a hour later Bill pulled into the drive way and knocked on the door and Vickie came to the door and let him in.I asked her if everything was alright and she said her mom had left them a list of a bunch of stuff to do before she got home.

Jesse gets up and said she is heading home and I told her bye and she walked home.Then came the day they told us that they were selling there home and moving away to another small town about twelve miles from here.Shortly after they moved another couple bought there house and had two girls and two boys.I sat out on the porch for about thirty more minutes then went inside to take a shower and lay down.I got up around two thirty that after noon and watched the kids get off of the bus and they walked up to the door and turned the knob but it was locked.

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