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So you don’t need an Indian status card issued from the government to go live, work, study or retire in the United States, but that privilege won’t be there for my children, if I decided to marry a non-status man.

Like I said, I was raised outside of native culture.

Such dating sites defeat the purpose of reuniting native people with native mates.

They exist only to make money off of selling out First Nations people to whoever has a fetish for entering into a relationship with a native person.

First Nations is an aboriginal dating site which stands out in it's purpose and intent by predefining it's membership to be of native ancestry.

Just looking to get to know a beautiful women, physically, emotionally and personally. Hey there, Im honest to the core and I am financially independent.I am very comfortable In my own skin and I have a great deal of self worth.I would love to meet someone that enhances my life by adding to it, not ..For Lisa Charleyboy, issues of dating and marriage are complex.She wants to marry a status Indian man, preferably one who is connected to his culture, and someone who has over 25 per cent blood quantum.

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