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In order to catch the exception you need to set the property Validates On Exceptions to True (here it is done for the Rating textbox): This will display a red border around the Text Box when the entered value cannot be converted to the type of the Rating property (integer)- that is - an exception has been thrown. But we may need to inform the user by providing a more descriptive message. Error event and set the tooltip's value to the reported error in the event handler.We also need to explicitely state that the Binding object should be raising such events by setting the Notify On Vaidation Error property to true.What we want to do is a simple entry form for an e-mail address. Markup; --------------------- Hidden note: You have a mistype in the last parameter of this line: --------------------- public override Validation Result Validate(object value, Culture Info ulture Info) --------------------- It's "culture Info" with " C" instead of "ulture Info".If the user enters an invalid e-mail address, the border of the textbox gets red and the tooltip is showing the reason. Problem: I tried to define <sys: String x: Key="email Regex"> but got the error that the TYPE "sys: String" NOT FOUND.That summarizes a brief introduction to Data Validation in WPF.

For example, you could display an error message, change the field’s background color, or at least beep to let the user know that focus did not leave the field because something is wrong. The event triggers even if the user tries to close the form.In C#3.0 you can initialize the properties of an object during construction in blocks of code enclosed by . Also note that due to the hierarchical nature of the Data Context property, we can set the Window's Data Context property to the Client Business Object and be sure that the bindings will find their paths ;) Finally, we implement the handler for the Click event of the button as follows: It's time now to start dealing with the issues concerning Data Validation.First of all, we need to decide where the validation logic's implementation resedes.For example in the following, we restrict the Rating value to be below 10 (Of course we state that our class implements the Systems. IData Error Info interface): This approach is a better alternative to the previous one.It is useful in cases where we want the Business Object to carry the validation logic if it is going to be used in different forms and all of those have the same validation needs for he object.

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