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Geisha beans originally came from Ethiopia, but today Panama is the only place in the world where the beans are grown.The rich, fertile volcanic soil on the mountainsides is home to dozens of coffee farms, many of which are open to the public for visits and tours.For flora enthusiasts, Boquete’s ancient and pristine rainforests boast a bouquet, with lilies, hibiscus, roses, carnations, sunflowers, and orchids growing along the trails.

Dozens of kilometres of hiking trails — mostly rated moderate, with a few easy and difficult ones — wind through the cloud forest where birds sing overhead, and past numerous waterfalls.

Though once a sleepy mountain town forgotten by time, Boquete is beginning to see more and more tourists these days, and for good reason – its natural beauty is astounding and its range of activities spectacular.

Panama’s only volcano, Volcán Barú, lies only 9 km away, providing visitors with excellent hiking, nature viewing, and camping.

However, when the North American magazine Modern Maturity rated Boquete as being one of the top six places in the world to retire in 2001, the older crowds began to roll in.

Today, Boquete has a decently sized retiree community, most of who live in the hills just outside of town.

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