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In return, Kryptogen Rundfunk creates an audio collage from old tape field recordings made by Hum, providing an eventful track with a plot leading nowhere... Arcuation - Eraserhead's Neighbors (Mira Drevo remix) second disk: 1. Wunderblock - U-Turn to Lost Highway (Riddika remix) 3. Relic Radiation - Arrakis Cinnamon (Alex Schultz remix) 7. Sal Solaris - Garmonbozia 3.0 (Majdanek Waltz remix) 9. The digital EP "Lynch" featuring compositions by Tsaraas, DMT and Bardoseneticcube (KF-XVII, 2012) followed several years later but only now the time has come for a full-length album.

The artwork is made in the style of neat lo-fi fetishism. Reutoff - Blue Room with No Doors (brain-out edit) 4. Wunderblock - U-Turn to Lost Highway (Relic Radiation remix) 10. Eleven projects from the Russian dark underground scene have presented their own visions of the mysterious and meditative atmospheres pervading the works of the American tenebrous genius: Reutoff, Light Collapse, Dvory, Skripp, Wunderblock, Relic Radiation, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Sal Solaris, Arcuation, Povarovo and DMT.

/ Torga Amun, Aquarellist, Indiestate Distribution, Fronte Nordico, new CD by Bad Sector "Quaternion" (Alone At Last), and some more... Our good friend, musical journalist Dmitriy Vasilyev, the man behind Monochrome Vision label and Independent Electronic Music zines & podcasting series, has published a big encyclopedia of the Italian experimental music "Viva Italia".

The book tells about the artists and labels appeared in Italy during the recent 60 years and comes with a 4-CD compilation with the exclusive pieces by many Iitalian artists, provided specially for this project and never released before. We're now taking pre-orders for this book among our Russian audience.

The album "Palustre Genesis" by Melodie Des Vergessens was planned for release on Zhelezobeton long time ago.

Fresh mix with the selected tracks from this update is here: https:// (also available for download). The project ceased its existence in January 2017 with the death of the author.

The accordion is not the most convenient instrument to carry but Igor recorded the material for this work in summer 2015 alone with nature, in thickets of forests and swamps, while later working on it in his mobile studio.

This resulted in six dissociative dark ambient compositions in which abstract textures morph into harmonic consonances, get overgrown by viscous layers of electronic processings and turn into rhythmic patterns created from looped acoustic noises.

Often one can hear the characteristic timbre of the instrument, but sometimes it transforms into something chemically otherworldly as if coming from another dimension.

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