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Scenario : User name paulpa has a change in the Title From “Support Engineer” to “Support Engineer 2” If we Go Active directory Users and computer and select the user as paulpa Click on Organisation tab and if we view the Title section we see In the Profile details it has an updated Title as “Support Engineer 2” as below If we logon using the credentials of Paulpa and then go to My settings as below You will see the details of the user as below ( Details stored in the User Info table) which is not updated as expected https://paul-moss/_layouts/“There are actually 2 user profiles – one is a WSS profile and one is a MOSS profile.

The WSS profile you access from Welcome user My Settings page.

And most browser needs the icon to be on the same domain as the blog.

It means if you add a link to include your own favicon from a different source, most of the browsers will ignore it and that's why it's important to have the favicon on your domain like this.

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An Outlook update which resolves this issue is nearing completion and being worked with priority to be released as soon as possible.But it is just an introduction to the favicon in Blogger or websites, in Blogger Forums we see many people asking why their Favicon isn't appearing even after they uploaded it and that's a little difficult to explain in a forum, so I am writing this post. It often happens due to the caches stored in your PC and therefore even the blog has been updated on the server it just loads the cached files to make the loading faster and doesn't request the server for a new and updated content.It can be fixed by refreshing your blog using I noticed that the website and favicon on that domain are cached separately, I am not sure about the exact reason but maybe it's because favicon needs to be used in bookmarks so it's separately stored by the browser for use in bookmars and other areas in the browser where it might need to use the site's Favicon.The reason we didn't clear the complete cache was that it would have removed caches of every webpage and you don't want to lose all important information from your browser.I just want to know why my Profile Picture not updating in sharepoint after I uploaded and saved my new picture.

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