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She is your typical WASP, mid-western, mid 20s, hot female, not a trashy chick. Ok, my friends would be considered "token and white-washed" if you didn't know them b/c they are educated with advanced degrees and speak properly, yada yada.My "token"(hate this term) black friends never hook up very much, my almost thuggish friends hook up with all types of chicks easily.“I will no longer be doing any type of app like that again. To watch the full report by, see below: _______________________________________ Apps like Grindr are not going anywhere. But for those of you who do, have you ever feared that your experiences using apps like Grindr may result in a similar situation? If so, what precautions do you take to keep yourself safe?

Hello, I need your opinions, I was out with a few friends last weekend, 2 black guys, 1 white girl (this is relevant).

She Loved To Fuck On The Highway And Suck Dick In The Backseat!

This Bange Backseat Bangers Cole - V2 Cole Has Big Beautiful Brown Tits That Need Sucking.

The men later entered a bar where, after being beaten and kicked, the victim was able to break free, run and call the police.

Police have yet to catch the suspect in this crime, described as 20-years-old, 5 foot 11-inches tall with wavy hair and star tattoos on the back of his right hand.

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