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The next steps involve using the Nuget Package Manager Console to re-enable migrations and create an initial migration.

Open the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio and select the project that contains your Db Context (!

That might mean rolling back to the last known good migration.

As you might expect, resetting migrations is not as obvious as it could be – it's not use case that Entity Framework expects you to work with.

The idea of this process is basically this: The database and the EF schema are up to date and just the way you want it, so we are going to remove the existing migrations and create a new initial migration.

In summary, the steps to do this are: You've now essentially reset the schema to the latest version.

Scaffolding is the automated creation of a skeleton structure to simplify bootstrapping (of new modules, in the case of Odoo).

While not necessary it avoids the tedium of setting up basic structures and looking up what all starting requirements are.

This creates an initial migration source file with the Up() and Down() methods that define the schema for your database as EF sees it based on your Db Context class.Not sure if this is a common occurrence, but I've had a number of occasions where Entity Framework migrations have left the state of migrations in an unusable state.Usually this happens after a large number of migrations have been applied and I get stuck to where I can't update a database with new migrations or roll back. There are a number of hacks you can try to fix bonked migrations, but to be honest more often than not those simply don't work. I've found in most cases it's simply easier to blow away the migrations and start with a clean slate from the current schema.Because there's no migrations table in the database and there are no migrations in your project EF just pretends that everything is in sync and runs.If there are any schema errors you will encounter them at runtime…

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