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Female suicide was more common than male suicide, in striking contrast to the situation in the west.In spite of the inferior position of women in Armenian society, the Armenian Apostolic Church allowed women greater opportunities for assuming clerical roles than most other Christian traditions. General ARMENIAN, the language of the Armenians, which is attested in written sources since the 5th century A. (after the invention of the Armenian alphabet by St. In some parts of the area the Armenians constituted the majority of the population, in others only its upper classes, but they were everywhere the unifying element that maintained the culture and language of the whole region. D., again except the short period of Roman occupation under Trajan. Indeed, the Parthian aristocracy was emulated by the Armenians, especially the upper classes, who necessarily had a command of both Parthian and Armenian, and who even tried to join through marriage with the new true masters of their country. letters are here transliterated according to the system proposed by Schmitt, 1972: a b g d e z ê ə ṭʿ ž i l x c k h j ł č m y n š o čʿ p ǰ ṟ s v t r cʿ w pʿ kʿ ô f, and the digraph ow for [u]. In ancient times the name “Armenia” designated the entire highland, which in spite of all political and historical changes in the course of time such as the temporary separation of certain districts or even the complete disintegration of the country, was defined by the Taurus mountains in the south, the upper Euphrates River in the west, the Caucasus mountains in the north, and Media Atropatene, the modern Azerbaijan in the east. simply placed on the Armenian throne his younger brother Tiridates (Trdat) I, who had been acknowledged by the Romans in the treaty of Rhandeia in 63 and who had finally been crowned by Emperor Nero himself in 66 A. For several centuries thereafter Armenia was ruled by a Parthian aristocracy, who exerted considerable influence.Women from across the country arrived seeking treatment.

Mesrop Maštocʿ) and which is characterized from the very beginning of the literary documentation by a large number of Iranian loanwords. Since these Armenian highlands had been subdued by Cyaxares about 600 B. and so had become part of the Median Empire, the conditions had been provided for the intensive influence of Iranian culture and customs on the Armenians and their language. The independence of Armenia from the Seleucids was not gained until 189 B. The Armenian kingdom, whose power and size had been enlarged considerably in particular by king Tigranes I called the Great (ca. C.), had become a bone of contention between the Parthians and the Roman Empire (see Chaumont, 1976) ever since L. Though the Christianization of Armenia in the third century and its rise to Armenian official religion shortly after 300 A. loosened the close ties between Iranians and Armenians, ties that had until then been close even in matters of creed, little changed in the political situation even under the Sasanians (who ruled over Iran from 224 A.

During the first year of marriage, they were not permitted to speak to anyone except their husband, and were forbidden from leaving the house.

In some villages, these restrictions continued even after the birth of the first child, and may have lasted more than ten years.

Women in Armenia have been officially guaranteed gender equality since the establishment of the Republic of Armenia in 1991.

This has enabled women to actively participate in all spheres of Armenian life.

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