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Some stories will make you laugh your arse off and others will have you diving for a box of tissues for your tears or to clean up a mess ;) afterall, there's sex in a lot of these stories. And please report broken links here and make recommendations Lomonaaeren Post Hogwarts/Action Adventure Rated: Teen and up 27 Chapters (80,791 words) Completed 14 June 2013 Added 13 March 2014 (archived) Harry has made a sacrifice to protect the wizarding world.The shattered pieces reformed, and Draco angrily jabbed his wand at each of them, muttering, "Silencio—Silencio—Silencio." "Erm…" Harry started, not quite sure what he wanted to say."I'm fixing the microwave," Draco said stiffly, ignoring Potter's incredulous look.

UPDATE: 11 December 2016 - link changed from Hex Files to Live Journal. Snape takes Draco back to Malfoy mansion where the Dark Lord is waiting. "It's got my tea," Draco hissed, looking murderously at the microwave.And Draco Malfoy is going to find a way to reverse it if it kills him. 19 June 2012 - I just finished reading this story again and remember why I added it to this list in the first place.After all, if he does not reverse it, then he will only die of boredom anyway. by Lomonaaeren AU After HBP/Action Adventure Rated: M 12 Chapters (36,664 words) Completed 20 January 2015 Added 3 February 2015 (archived) Driven nearly mad by his bitterness against the Dark Lord, Draco becomes a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. by furiosity Hogwarts/Action Adventure Rated: R 17 Chapters (110,511 words) Completed 21 June 2006 Added 7 January 2012 (archived) The war against Voldemort has begun. One sunny September afternoon, Draco Malfoy accidentally overhears Harry Potter confess something deeply personal. It is a wonderfully told story with Draco staying "Draco" throughout the whole story ...Harry gently pushed open the doors to the Great Hall hoping to slip in unnoticed.However as soon as he entered the room he could tell that something unusual was happening, something unusual and very wrong.

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