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Maddy develops a connection with Oscar as he supports her. She’s routine oriented and sets very high standards for herself.She also needs structure in her life, and to stay organised - if anything goes out of kilter, Maddy’s life can become a chaotic mess.Maddy decides that she is ready consummate her relationship with Spencer on his birthday.Morely told Inside Soap's reporter that "now they're more settled in the Bay and their relationship is stronger, they feel it is the right time." But the couple cannot get privacy due to Chris' presence.Younes explained that his character rejects her advances because he senses that she will feel better in the future.He knows that she is doing it for the wrong reasons and chooses to do the "noble thing".

Maddy remains in love with Josh and an infidelity storyline soon follows.

The problem with Maddy’s perfectionist outlook is that, if she doesn’t think she can succeed at something, she won’t try it.

She’s incredibly warm and accepting of everyone’s shortcomings except her own." Clementi described Maddy as being "an energetic and very loving young girl who is mature and wise beyond her 16 years.

Spencer manages to solve the problem, but as they get passionate, it makes them feel awkward.

Morely explained that the lovers are under pressure, have other things on their minds and do not feel right.

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