Amy winehouse and nas dating

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Smith’s game since they had been seen at clubs together.

While he never wrote any songs for her while she was alive, two collaborations were released after her death.

WENN Despite the fact that Lauryn Hill was either going back and forth with Wyclef Jean or trying to find love with Rohan Marley in the ’90s, there was a time where Cee Lo Green says that he wanted to make the Fugees singer his wife, believing she was made “just for me.” Even though she didn’t take their friendship to the next level, they remained close according to the Goodie Mob member in his book, WENN As fine as Pharrell has stayed after all these years, I can’t see why any woman wouldn’t want to lock that down (he’s off the market now).

But years ago, he went out with Tyra Banks, a woman he had a huge crush on, only to soon realize that she wasn’t feeling him like he was feeling her.

I found her a third time, walked over to her, and she said, “Quit being a pest!

That wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to hear from her.

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