Affiliate commission dating residual

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My firm recently tested two different bonus-incentive strategies, both of which were successful. Kiyonna is a plus-size fashion retailer, and a client of my firm.We designed an affiliate-activation promotion in January geared at engaging as many inactive affiliates as possible, so that Kiyonna would have brand presence on those affiliate sites in February, a critical sales month.We structured the promotion so that whichever affiliate drove the most sales in January would receive a personal style consultation and 0 gift card.

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Each brand is separate and your commission calculations are not affected by any bundling.For example, if Brand A has Affiliate Earnings of 500.00, Brand B has Affiliate Earnings of 250.00, and Brand C has Affiliate Earnings of -300.00, an Affiliate would be paid 750.00.Payments will be made by end of the following month.This way, all participating affiliates who drove a sale had an equal opportunity to win, and the affiliate who performed the best was guaranteed to win.Eight-three percent of the newly active affiliates drove at least one click. This promotion managed to activate a significant percentage of previously inactive, unengaged affiliates.

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