Advice for newly dating couples tns dating

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When a couple becomes engaged, life becomes a blur.Whether the engagement spans a few weeks or more than a year, the period between singleness and oneness fills quickly with showers, parties, wedding preparation, and home shopping.Family and friends all want to help with anything you'll let them be involved with. I waded through a river of opinions from people I loved during my engagement.Whether out of politeness, curiosity, or concern, I listened to each piece.

So my husband and I make a point of doing fun activities together, whether it's canoeing or playing a board game.It helps to have an outlet to relax together, and laughter comes easily this way.Also, my husband has an annoyingly genius way of making me laugh when I'm upset and wanting to pout.As a woman who works full time, I have kept a spotless house or cooked every night.And as I looked at the lingerie I'd been given at a shower, I wondered, "Am I really supposed to have shoes to match every outfit?

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