Advice dating leo men

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well so far I seem to be doing better with my leo, because now he's telling me he loves me alot more , and he also told me that he wants to be with me , but he says he doesn't want a relationship right now, right this minute but we are working harder to build our relationship better(I haven't gave up the cookie), but my advice to u , to be in control, I think you should do what I did, and sometimes u have to make him slighty jealous,and show him that other men want you.whenever me and my Leo had a fight I would tell him well if thats how ur gonna act I have other men that want to be with me,and he will try to do the same to make me jealous, but I show him I have amazing confidence, and that Im not jealous when he talks to other women.

I also didn't like how whenever he hit me up he always talked about sex, but now I feel that the relationship is slowly changing he's hitting me up a little bit more and we are no longer only on the subject of sex which is good. I was actually surprised cuz he hit me up one night out of the blue, while he was in his hot tub, and I was shocked because what guys contacts a woman on the phone while they are in a hot tub or just taking leisure time for themselves?

Can't speak for all aries women but I know I don't like to show my softer, affectionate and feminine side to people surprisingly my leo man is the only one who brings out the side of me.

I can tell he enjoys and appreciates it but he still respects my need for space and independence.

Most of all , don't get lost in his game keep the control by being a fierce Queen and demand that you be treated as such because you're worth it.

This also happened to me , as if i am reading my story , but i want to know what can i do to make him alerted and intersted in me ?

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