A bisexual dating sim game

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DALRO, Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation, is a multi-purpose copyright organisation.

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They will also have a short cut-scene that shows how they met Senpai and why they are attracted to him.

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As shown above, she has a crush on Senpai, so Yandere-chan has a reason to eliminate her - however, eliminating her will not win the game.

This allows the main character to matchmake every rival with their suitor as a way of eliminating them.

Rivals are seen outlined in red in Yandere Vision, although this outline might have other identifications, as traumatized students also have a red aura.

The player will still lose at the end of the week since she is not programmed in as an "official rival".

Back in late November 2015, an artist had created full-body illustrations for every rival character.

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